White Smile, Green Formulation

Today’s consumers are looking for safe, gentle and more natural oral products. But that’s not all. They are looking for professional quality to address their personal care needs effectively as well.

Dentisse was specifically formulated with this in mind. The brand’s Natural Solution is an alcohol-free mouth rinse that uses plant-based essential oils to attack odor-causing bacteria without the burning and drying sensation found in traditional alcohol mouthwashes. Natural Reflection toothpaste uses refined white clay, which is much gentler than the silica used in most toothpastes, but still very effective at stain removal. “It also has superior polishing properties and low abrasion,” according to Steve Wilson, director of sales and marketing for Dentisse.

Liberal usage of “organic” labeling hurts manufacturers that are working hard with time and resources to find formulation solutions. “It’s difficult to compete with unscrupulous manufacturers where the bottom dollar is all that matters,” says Wilson. But as consumers become more savvy to the differences between regulated organics and more openly defined naturals, they are paying more attention to product composition and are scrutinizing labels more closely.

One of the biggest challenges or opportunities for formulators is replacing safe synthetic ingredients with natural ones for the sake of a label or marketing claim. Often they do not have comparable physical attributes, efficacious results or long-term stability data. “Our goal is to develop oral care products as natural as possible, without sacrificing superior dental care properties,” says Wilson.

The demand for natural and sustainable products encourages brands to get creative and look at alternatives in the formulation and packaging science in personal care, in order to compete on a global scale. “It is up to us as manufactures to seek out and reward green suppliers that offer solutions to traditional synthetic ingredients,” says Wilson. “Many suppliers are recognizing this and have stepped up to be a part of the solution.”