Going Custom

Having a tailored approach isn’t just a way of marketing or wearing fragrance; now customization has become a large trend in fragrance creation. “There is such a huge variety of choice,” Costa says. “Now, people don’t just pick a signature fragrance. They choose what they feel like wearing on that day.”

Capitalizing on this, Scenterprises Ltd. recently made The Perfume Studio Custom Experience events available in the U.S. Designed as an educational experience, The Perfume Studio allows event attendees to experience 18 different perfume blends, and then attendees are able to select three or four blends to mix into their own unique, signature scent. They then name the fragrance they’ve created and receive a certificate of registration for it, and the creation is decanted into a purse spray for them to take home. The scent’s “formula” is also stored in a database, so interested customers are able to easily reorder the fragrance, if desired.

Creating more personalized scents is something also displayed in the new Blood Concept fragrances, which were designed to correspond with the blood types of A, B, AB and O. “We just wanted something that could really talk about us and that came from the inside, not from external agents,” say Blood Concept’s creators Giovanni Castelli and Antonio Zuddas. “We wanted to celebrate human life with a visceral fragrance. Blood Concept is just an interpretation of the evolutionary process of human life through changes on its blood types story.”

Castelli and Zuddas designed the scents to be “fresh water to our faces or just a slap. Every blood type has a story, a birth date and a lot of different peculiarities.” Additionally, each scent is finished with a distinctive note. “In order to add a plus, we put a light metallic note at the end of every fragrance.” As to the marketing of their fragrances, Castelli and Zuddas note, “We aim to build an unusual brand experience with new media and different ways of contemporary interaction. Our manifesto is innovation.”