Unilever Fragrance Awards 2011 Finalists and Winners

Best Practice Awards

Best Partnership Relationship Initiative

Winner: Apollo (Firmenich, Givaudan and IFF)

Best Unilever Reputational Adherence

Winner (tie): Firmenich and GFC

Best Fragrance Awards

Best Fragrance Contribution to Competitive Preference

Winner: Lux Core Soap (Firmenich)

Best Fragrance Simplification

Winner: Gladiator (Givaudan)

Best Fragrance Technology

Winner: Comfort: Desert Rose/Givaudan/IFF/Firmenich

Best Iconic Signature Fragrance

Winner: Dove (Givaudan)

Most Innovative Fragrance

Winner: Tigi (IFF)

Best Fragrance Creation

Winner: Dove (Firmenich)