Green With Envi: Alternative Material for Gift Cards

With 2.7 billion PVC gift cards in circulation each year, that amounts to about 25 million pounds of waste—none of which will biodegrade. This can be problematic for brands looking to green their operations. “We were approached by a big brand owner to produce a gift card that was fully recyclable at comparable durability and as highly perceived in value as the PVC cards used today. There was to be no compromising from an aesthetic standpoint and from a ‘holy grail’ standpoint, it had to be equal in pricing or lower,” says Dave Lunati, Monadnock’s director of marketing. The result was the Envi card stock, a wood fiber alternative to PVC, touted as “The Un-Plastic.” The durable, recyclable card looks and feels nearly identical to PVC cards, features superior printability, was made with 100% renewable energy, and is chlorine-free and carbon neutral. “The myth is that going greener is more expensive, and we are proving that to be wrong,” says Lunati. “We are just happy to provide products that allow companies to move in the right direction.”