Evolution Online: The Power of “Shares” and “Likes”

The Internet goes through fundamental changes every three years or so, and each change presents whole new opportunities for beauty businesses in terms of how products can be marketed and how consumers complete transactions. In the early days of the Internet boom, Yahoo! was considered the uncontested leader; Google then took over as the world’s most popular site for both businesses and individual users—and the wide availability of fast connections has enriched the Internet. Skype has offered a new way for us to communicate, for example, and YouTube and social media has provided a borderless ground for all people to create and share each other’s content and creations.

That has shifted people’s perception of opinion leaders in many fields. With social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter gaining popularity and use globally, the concept and pervasive use of “sharing” and “liking” has compounding effects of the original posts or marketing messages.