A Look at Pantone’s Spring 2012 Fashion Color Report

The color information was compiled from Pantone’s Spring 2012 Fashion Color Report, which can be found at www.pantone.com. Pantone is a global company that standardizes the language of color. The Pantone Color Institute studies the psychological and physiological aspect of color and forecasts color needs. The names included are assigned by Pantone.

Comments on utilizing spring 2012's color forecast provided by corrective makeup artist Donna Mee.


Bellflower is a beautiful shade to use under the lower lash line on a green or brown eye. Eye liner pencils or shimmer shadows in this color can be applied with a smudger brush for a subtle enhancement of the eye color.


This hot pink is great for lips and cheeks, and is best on yellow and olive skin tones, especially for those clients who have very dark hair. This color is a bit too vibrant for eye makeup for most, with the exception of those with dark brown eyes that don’t mind a little drama.


At first sight, most clients would be reluctant to try and wear this color. But it is beautiful on most blue-green eyes when worn on the lower portion of the eyelid or under the lower lash line. It can also be worn as an accent color by clients with brown eyes when mixed with another neutral color, such as an ash brown, charcoal or chocolate.

Driftwood and Starfish

These colors may appear dull and boring, but they are both amazing colors. They are gorgeous on almost every eye color, especially the shimmer versions. A lot of women can’t figure out what colors to use to enhance the eyebrows, but these are perfect. Matte shades are great to be used for filling in blonde eyebrows, regardless of whether it is a powder shadow or brow pencil. Starfish is best for most blondes and Driftwood works on dishwater blondes. If neither seem right, mixing the two together is sure to work.


This is a gorgeous hue that can be applied just over the iris of a blue-green eye in a shimmer formula shadow, as long as the client does not have a bulbous eye. If this is the case, a matte eye shadow would be better than a shimmer.

Sodalite Blue

A brown eye carries off this color best. Use it as eye shadow contour or create a gorgeous smoky eye by using it with a color like Driftwood to give the outer smoky effect. This deep blue is gorgeous used as an eye liner on a blue eye that has a dark outer iris as well as brown eyes. And all light eye shades can be enhanced without using colorful eye shadows or liners by simply applying a deep blue mascara.

Solar Power

I actually use this color quite a bit; it looks pretty on green, hazel or blue eyes that have either yellow or gold flecks when it is dusted right over the center of the iris. Because the color is harmonious with the eye color, as the client blinks, it magnifies the yellowish-gold tones in the eye. This color is also beautiful when used as a shimmer on dark-complected skin.

Sweet Lilac

This is pretty for a lip and cheek color on fair or medium skin tones, especially if the client has green eyes. A lip gloss in this shade can be used alone or over almost any lipstick color to add a highlight effect showcasing the illusion of fullness. A little of this color of eye shadow placed on the lower eyelid will make a green eye look more green.

Tangerine Tango

If you put this color on as a sheer gloss, it’s actually very pretty. Try it on clients with cool peach and rosy skin tones. This color is especially gorgeous on clients with blue eyes because it really makes that eye color pop. Most people select eye shadows hoping to enhance their eye color, yet most do not realize that lip and cheek colors can also be utilized to make their eye color stand out. A tangerine blush and lip color on a client with blue eyes is really striking.