Contract Manufacturer Spotlight

Luz Elena Castrillón Aldana, director, CECIF (Centro de la Ciencia y La Investigacion Farmaceutica —Center for Science and Pharmaceutical Research), has developed a business model and pilot program to conduct research, process raw materials, perform chemical analysis and design a wide range of cosmetic products. CECIF conducts microbiological analysis, chemical and sensory analysis, stability testing and chromatography, as well as ensures adherence to regulatory standards, and is equipped for complete product design and formulation of a wide range of beauty products—including hair conditioners and shampoos, hair straighteners, UV protection creams, hypoallergenic gels, unguents and lotions—with a contract manufacturing capability for a variety of clients (Natura contracts CECIF to develop specific products).

Yemail & Daphne Cosmetic Co. is a contract manufacturer for such successful Colombian brands as Arturo Calle, an affordable men’s fragrance brand aligned with a fashion collection for men, as well as brands for other Latin American markets—notably Peru and Costa Rica.

Products include blushes, foundations, lipsticks, hypoallergenic eye pencils, bronzers, mascara, eye shadows, eyeliners and foundation with UV protection. According to Kumin Yemail, general director, the company is capable of producing two million units per year, and has concentrated its efforts in contract manufacturing—though the company also owns its own Colombian brand, Daphne, and markets Overture (a line of six fragrances) in Colombia, Peru and Panama.