Ayurvedic and Brand History

Ancient books written by scholars in India more than 5,000 years ago, the Upanishads documented many of the ayurvedic principles that are becoming more and more appreciated today. A good example of a medicinal plant popular in ayurveda is neem, which has oil known for its curative properties. Only recently have a larger swatch of people become more aware of its qualities, and they are among those trying to apply it in products such as insecticides, pet products, wound-healing treatments and even acne products.

Skinveda, a brand based on years of beauty product formulation experience and an East Indian background where ayurveda was a household norm, found its niche in formulating products that combine the ancient science of ayurveda with the (relatively newer) science of oleosomes, peptides and plant stem cells. Beauty inside out is the key to all these formulations, and in order for a Skinveda product to be considered formulated successfully, it has to have synergy, science and a simplicity of ingredients.