Nail Packaging Innovation

GCI magazine asked Shivie Dhillon, president of Bottle Coatings, Inc., a division of SunDial Powder Coatings that provides a patent-pending UV-protectant coating for glass bottles that contain UV sensitive contents, about new innovations and trends in nail care's packaging. Bottle Coatings' technology has been embraced particularly by brands who produce UV-cured nail polish gels because the powder coating process helps to prolong product shelf life.

GCI magazine: What innovations have you recently debuted for nail care?

Shivie Dhillon: We continue to improve and expand our color matching techniques and choices at Bottle Coatings, as well as advance our technology for chemical resistance. More and more customers are seeing the many possibilities available with powder coating and so they’re asking for innovative ideas for bottle deco and for creating themed sets that combine nail gels and polishes with perfumes and such. The kits are becoming very popular, and we’re responding with cutting-edge solutions.

GCI: How do these innovation help brands offer something unique to the consumer?

SD: There are existing liquid coating service providers out there, but due to the limitations their coatings offer, manufacturers would either settle or stay with a clear bottle. Now that they are discovering how far we’ve advanced in that area, they realize this opens up new possibilities for dazzling, eye-catching aesthetics. And it’s a double benefit for our customers because powder coating techniques are much better for the environment than other jar and bottle embellishment methods.

GCI: What is easy about offering innovation in nail care? And what is difficult?

SD: Perhaps the easiest sell has been the greener, cleaner technology available through powder coating. The beauty industry has always been sensitive to criticisms about the use of chemicals, so this gives the industry a chance to work in concert with the environment while also taking advantage of new high-concept aesthetics.

The most difficult is keeping the costs of these innovations in line so that customers who previously viewed them as inexpensive commodity items won’t be hesitant. I think we’re doing a good job of striking the right balance.

GCI: What do you see on the horizon for nail care product development?

SD: The trend toward vibrant colors should continue, as well as new concepts for producing artwork on the product containers. Powder coating has opened up some new avenues for bottle packaging, and now techniques for writing on the bottles is a growing trend. With this whole new canvas to work with because of powder coating, labeling aesthetics are in for some exciting times.