Trending Fingertips for 2014

By Lisa Antinelli, vice president, Diamond Cosmetics, Inc., a beauty contract manufacturer focused on nail care products

It isn’t any secret there has been serious growth in the nail care category over the past few years, and the industry is still buzzing with interesting ideas. From textures to overlays, glitters to neutrals, scented polish, nail decals, gels, DIY kits and more, there is a plethora of innovative products available.

The fashion industry is, by far, the largest influence on the nail care business, and New York, Paris and London fashion week shows and events set the tone for nail colors. Interestingly enough, neutrals seem to be on top for the coming spring, and while color saturation varies from sheer to heavily pigmented, color shades range from white to dark—but seldom is just one shade applied to the nails. There are variations of French manicures, using both light and darks shades, or polish with glossy and matte finishes. Glitters are quite popular as well, often used as French tips or overlays, and there are new products that provide a textured look and feel to nails as well.

Nail art is also very popular, and there basically are no rules here—creativity is key. The trend is to release your inner artist and express yourself using the different colors and textures available. Vertical or horizontal stripes, color waves, overlapping layers of color, the use of glossy and matte shades together, glitters with matte or textured shades, gold embellishments and rhinestone additions—all of these add another dimension to the art.

This is likely one of the reasons why the nail polish category is doing as well as it is—it is a vehicle of self expression.