Piece By Piece

Topline Products’ Sandra Hutson points out opportunities for different types of color cosmetic products. “For liquid liner and mascara, the design and functionality of the applicator is key to the performance success of the product,” she says. “The customer now expects to be convinced that a product will work just by looking at the packaging. The Instant Impact Mascara package, supplied for Mally Beauty by Topline, delivers long, luscious lashes. This high-performance mascara package features a Six Ball Instant Impact Brush. Each bristle on the molded brush head has been diamond cut and is the optimum length to grab and define even the shortest lashes. The brush and wiper have been designed to complement the formula, creating a high performance mascara that produces results.”

Hutson also notes, “For foundations and concealers, the challenge has been to create a package that keeps hands clean, produces a well-blended finish, and is quick and easy to use. The Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer and Foundation packages were designed by Topline to address these challenges. Both packages feature an applicator [with precision click dosing] manufactured to enhance product performance and dispensing. The micro-corrector foam applicator has controlled density and porosity matched to the formulation viscosity for optimum flow, coverage and makeup blending.”