Staying Ahead in Men’s Care Product Development

By Anna Howe, applied technology manager, personal care, Evonik Corporation

With the fast-growing men’s care market, choosing the most suitable ingredients to fulfill men’s grooming and personal care product needs and staying ahead of the technology curve is even more critical nowadays.

When compared to women, men’s skin is about 20% thicker, especially around the eye area, but less dense, which makes it less resistant to wrinkle formation. Men’s skin also has a higher rate of sebum production, perspires more quickly, and is more irritated from repeated shaving or alcohol treatment. Therefore, benefits such as anti-wrinkle, moisturization, mildness and antiperspirant are important for a successful men’s care product.

A survey on male grooming routines revealed three-quarters of men spend less than 10 minutes preparing for the day. So multifunctional products that provide immediate efficacy, are easy to apply and absorb quickly are more likely to be successful. And ingredients that can protect, prevent and rejuvenate the skin to maintain a more youthful appearance remain in great demand.

Specifically for eye care, peptides such as Tetrapeptide-21 are quite effective in reducing the appearance of wrinkles by offering collagen, hyaluronic acid and fibronectin-boosting activity. Also, plant extracts such as Terminalia Arjuna bark extract increase the skin-blood microcirculation, which often helps reduce the appearance of eye puffiness.

Materials that act on stem cells also have found application in reducing the signs of chronological aging and retaining a youthful skin appearance. Algae extract such as Evonik’s Tego Stemlastin is a good example. It supports skin rejuvenation by replenishing and maintaining balance of the epidermis.

And for daily sun protection, sphingolipid derivatives such as salicyloyl phytophingosine can help reduce the appearance of photo-damaged skin, and caprooyl phytophingosine, a unique short-chain ceramide, can help reduce the appearance of skin sagging by offering a multilayer approach to facial contouring.