Inspiration From the Outside In

Q: Other than personal care, what other industries use color effectively in their packaging?

“The chocolate industry is leveraging packaging in creative, interesting ways. Chocolate has carved out a niche similar to that of coffee, tea and salt in the last couple of years, with an explosion of boutique, artisanal brands. It has been repositioned for its health benefits to appeal to a youthful demographic. Packaging plays with various types of paper and foils, mixing matte and glossy textures and, of course, color. The palette [for chocolate packaging] shifts from its historically brown roots, now embracing bright, engaging hues to appeal to this new market.”

—Roseanna Roberts, director of color trends, The Color Association of the United States


“I think the food and beverage industries use colors extremely well. Look at McDonald’s, General Mills and Coca-Cola—these companies all have signature colors that consumers identify the brand with. No one does red better than Coke. McDonald’s golden arches and red trim are part of our culture. And General Mills uses orange (in Wheaties) to marry itself to the world of sports and fitness.”

—Sandra Hutson, sales and marketing director, Topline Products


“Consumer electronics have evolved to use color in a highly effective way. We feel this industry will continue to push its packaging with fun, vibrant colors—as well as different finishes to appeal to the constantly evolving consumer.”

—Scott Rusch, president and CEO, Anomatic Corp.