2007-2008 Arylessence TrendWatch FRAGRANCE TRENDS

Apple: Apple notes dominate the hair care category and are appearing in other products, from soaps to air fresheners. Apple is second to citrus as a “clean” scent, according to consumer studies.

Blue: Defined in a fragrance by clean fresh notes, citrus, ozone, herbal and a touch of mint. Blue intersects all market categories.

Citrus: Commonly associated with “clean,” “fresh” and “uplifting” scents, citrus now blends with tropical notes for significant appeal across a wide spectrum of age groups and ethnic backgrounds.

Lavender: High appeal among consumers. It is associated with cleanliness and has long been used for its relaxing properties.

Natural and Organic: Intersecting the health and well-being lifestyle trend, this nature-inspired fragrance trend is driven by consumers’ desires for products that provide comfort, from household cleansers to candles.

Tropical: Coinciding with the rise of international influences, tropical fruits—such as mango, guava, passion fruit and papaya—have replaced traditional fruit scents in many product categories. Tropical scents connect with consumers who fit the exotica lifestyle trend.

Vanilla: This essential fragrance is in many products today, due to its universal appeal and calming properties.