Reeds and Fragrance Transfer

To add fragrance to small and personal spaces, reeds, resins, rocks and candles remain among the most popular methods for fragrancing on a smaller scale. Exotic woods and tropical floral notes are among the most popular scents, and Influence, from Fruits & Passion, is a brand new collection of fragrance products for the home. Featuring the scent of bamboo and hibiscus, the collection provides a distinctive fresh scent, as well as a refined design with decorative qualities that blend with home décor.

“There’s nothing quite like the combination of bamboo and hibiscus. It makes for a bright and vibrant fragrance that marries the freshness of bamboo with the ephemeral scent of hibiscus, together radiating a wonderful bouquet of floral, aqueous and green notes,” said Louis Giguère, director of marketing and communications, Fruits & Passion. For more than a quarter of a century, Antica Farmacista, an Italian fragrance and apothecary collection, has captured old world European charm with a collection of scents for the home as well as the body, which draw inspiration from the Mediterranean Sea and the gardens of Tuscany. Each fragrance uses essential oils and natural ingredients. The Home Ambiance Fragrance Collection, Le Fragranze d’Ambiente, features apothecary style bottles filled with fragrance oils into which wooden reeds are inserted to diffuse the scent. By placing the wooden stick bundle into the oils and reversing it every few days, or as desired, the fragrance infuses the air with a constant and lasting scent. Once exclusive to an apothecary in Florence, Italy, Antica Farmacista is available in the U.S. at such retailers as Bergdorf Goodman and Nordstrom. The company also offers corresponding room and linen sprays for layering fragrance throughout the home.