Creating an Experience

Consumers want to feel pampered by retailers. Choice has pervaded the retail market, while consumers are becoming more knowledgeable about ingredients and technological advances. To stand out, retailers need to provide a unique consumer experience. At Sephora, sales associates are intensively trained on the products and brands offered to provide knowledgeable consumer assistance.

Layout within the retail space is also key. The store’s displays should complement the variety of brands offered, while providing direction within the store. “This year, we launched the Dial-A-Dilemma initiative that enabled clients to cite their immediate beauty concern and spin the wheel to fi nd their product solution. Another display device is our Beauty-to-Go section, located near our point of sale that features an assortment of travel-size packages of our clients’ favorite brands and products. This was particularly strategic in light of the travel regulations enforced earlier this year,” said Allison Slater, vice president of retail marketing. In this crowded marketplace, Sephora highlights the importance of the consumer experience in making a retailer stand out.