Convenience Online

Consumers today look for simplicity within their busy lives. As a result, the Internet as emerged as a powerful tool for retailers, primarily because of its 24/7 accessibility to consumers.

Browsing beauty products online gives customers the ability to read peer reviews and recommendations that provide credible assistance in making fi rst-time purchases. also offers a 100% color-back guarantee for color cosmetics. “The Internet gives people the opportunity to multitask from the comfort of home or work. Since and share a single cart, we allow them to one-stop-shop for beauty needs on both ends of the price spectrum,” said Kathleen McNeill, vice president of beauty, “People can compare and contrast product benefi ts privately and pressure-free to make their own educated decisions.”

At the same time, the traditional retailer is limited by available shelf space. “As on online retailer, we have the ability to merchandise a diverse range of products without concern for the shelf space for display,” said McNeill. Online retailers often can become a destination for consumers looking for cult or hard-to-fi nd items. The Internet also gives retailers the ability to test services and offers that might not be affective in traditional retail environments.

In the end, this medium is about convenience for the consumer. Retailers need to design their Web sites with this in mind, thus creating a positive shopping experience to keep consumers coming back.