Five Ways to Work Best with Your Fragrance Partner

1. Make fragrance management a priority in your company. When your fragrance partner understands your brand and product goals—as well as the role fragrance plays in each brand—you will improve development time, streamline decision-making, and create fragrances that fit perfectly and capture the hearts of consumers.

2. Define fragrance signatures for your brands. Ask your fragrance partner to help you develop definitive fragrance signatures for your brands. These core fragrance ideas reflect the special character of your brand and cement your emotional connection with the consumer. They also give you the flexibility to balance each product fragrance individually, making sure each scent performs successfully in product variants.

3. Always ask what your perfumers think. The best perfumers know more about fragrance than the rest of us. Based on their experience and individual styles, they can create solutions you never considered. Their insights will help you achieve distinctive, winning fragrances that are totally competitive and unique. And yes, perfumers have thousands of wonderful fragrance ideas that simply haven’t been invented—yet.

4. Test your fragrances as finished concepts. Ask your fragrance company to test your fragrances as products, not as blind perfumes. Show consumers your packaging, the colors of your brand and share brand messaging. Fragrances that capture your brand best are the ones you want performing in the marketplace.

5. Integrate fragrance into your product safety platform. Fragrance isn’t a separate component; it lives inside your product. Regulators today make no distinction between your product formulation and your fragrance. Your fragrance partner must assure you that your fragrances are safe and conform to IFRA guidelines. Only member organizations of FMA, IFRA and RIFM can provide this assurance.