Man-Specific Spa Skin Treatments

According to an independent study by the National Hairdressers and Beauty Association (NHBA) in India, the demand for in-salon skin care treatments by men is increasing by 40% year on year. “Earlier grooming for men meant shaving and a hair cut at a salon, and maybe the [occasional] massage,” says Blossom Kochhar, president of NHBA. “But now they demand much more. They want a facial, manicure, pedicure, hair removal and even laser treatments to look more youthful.”

In fact, seeing the demand and potential for specialized male skin care, Pevonia Botanica’s Indian Tamaya Spa has launched specific facials targeted at men. “We have special caviar facials and treatments that have been made for our male customers. This is very different from what we offer our female customers,” says Nirvaan Shroff, education manager, Pevonia Botanica India.

It’s not just facials and pedicures. Indian men are also seeking laser treatments and Botox to look young and fresh. According to a spokesperson at Clinic Dermatech, one of Delhi’s leading cosmetology centers, body hair removal, face contouring and skin smoothing treatments via laser are the most requested treatments by men, and that four of every 10 customers are men.