Case Study: Fragrance Release

Procter & Gamble desired an increased yield of fragrance in its Downy liquid fabric softener, but over-formulation would have increased production costs. Microencapsulation was deemed an attractive process for consideration, and in January 2008, P&G chose Appleton to codevelop a large-scale use of encapsulated fragrance.

To push the innovation forward, P&G was willing to collaborate on product development to fuse its fragrance expertise with Appleton’s microencapsulation expertise. While P&G worked to steer the fragrance to clothing, Appleton modified its capsule system to endure a series of processes. The end result was an encapsulated fragrance that survives the washer and dryer cycles and later breaks as clothes are worn to release scent over longer periods of time than previously achieved. Evaluation demonstrated that the partnership yielded a solution that both eliminated waste and added new benefits valued by consumers.