The Many Faces of Sun Care

In its December 2008 series of reports on the sun care market, Euromonitor International noted that the market has been characterized by the entrance of beauty brand marketers not typically associated with sun care blurring the boundaries between sun care and other beauty segments. Subsequently, products with touted sun care properties have become more aligned with color cosmetics or skin care. Value-added benefits in the form of sun protection have morphed into primary claims in many products that could more appropriately be defined by another segment—i.e., skin care, color cosmetics, etc. Examples of new such products have come to the attention of GCI magazine.

Targeted Care in Color

Sunforgettable SPF 30 Eyescreen by Colorescience Pro ( is a powder SPF protection specifically for the eye area designed to protect, diffuse and accentuate.

The sheer pink, light-diffusing powder plays tricks on the eyes, according to the company, camouflaging dark circles and giving fine lines a soft focus while touting an SPF 30 rating.

Sun Block in a Pill

GliSODin Skin Nutrients Advanced Skin Brightening Formula ( is claimed to enhance the strength of topical sunscreens. It is said to have photo-protective and anti-inflammatory properties that help protect the skin and reduce inflammation caused by UV exposure and oxidative stress. Citing consumers’ propensity for insufficient sunscreen application and poor compliance with application directions, the product—because it does not depend on the adequacy of topical application—is claimed to be both effective and complementary to topical products. It is also claimed to even out pigmentation.

For the Beach and with a Twist

Tropical Seas ( introduced a line of “reef safe” sunscreens claimed to biodegrade in ocean water, thus protecting fragile subsurface ecosystems. The Beach Buff “Reef Safe” sunscreen line also received an official endorsement from the American Lifeguard Association, and found success on shelf. The company followed up with additional testing that claims to show 99% of the Beach Buff sunscreens also biodegrade in river and lake water in less than 90 days.