Niche Marketing in Sun Care

In a number of recent reports, Euromonitor International has noted that segmentation and narrowly defined positioning are, increasingly, drivers of growth in a number of market categories.

Two of the more interesting efforts to narrow the target for sunscreen consumers—one because of the size of the potential segment; the other for, simply, the unusual positioning—are Race Face sunscreen and Will Ferrell’s Sexy Hot Tan, Sun Stroke and Forbidden Fruit SPF 30 sunscreens.

NASCAR fans can choose their SPF and bottle size as well as their favorite driver number and bottle design with Race Face sunscreen. Launched by Agility Sports, the line was created to appeal to the estimated 75 million race fans. In addition to availability in different formats and sizes, the bottles showcase the most coveted drivers—including Jeff Gordon, Kyle Busch and Jimmy Johnson.

The company also provides an assortment of custom-produced sunscreens that facilitate branding within and to niche markets—as well as for promotions.

Agility Sports first needed to secure licensing, creating a handful of products to send for approval of NASCAR. The company worked with its production partners—sister companies CL&D Graphics and CL&D Digital—to print 40 shrink sleeve varieties to present, and then assembled and filled bottles to pitch for shelf space to potential retail partners. There were design changes and additions along the way, and now Graphics has full production runs on nearly all of the items presented for license.

Launched in May 2009, 10,000 units of Will Ferrell’s Sexy Hot Tan, Sun Stroke and Forbidden Fruit SPF 30 sunscreens moved in two months. The line is positioned as a charitable sunscreen line that “provides sun protection, laughs and college scholarship money for cancer survivors.”

The line was launched on Amazon and through