No matter the formulation, optimal benefits won’t be experienced unless the consumer uses the product consistently and correctly. From wipes to sprays to wristbands, such as Piz Buin Sunband launched in 2008, the latest innovations in sun care focus on convenience and help ensure proper use and reapplication.

Combining natural with a popular format, CosMedix developed Reflect SPF 30 in a spray-and-go package. Versus sunscreens that contain more traditional organic sunscreen actives that need to penetrate the skin before they become functional, Reflect uses a suspended, non-whitening micronized titanium dioxide for immediate broad-spectrum protection. The formula also features l-glutathione, a potent anti-inflammatory that protects skin cells from free radicals.

Going outside the conventional application of active ingredients in personal care products, Klen offers a three-in-one wash-on sunscreen, a shampoo, face and body wash with a broad-spectrum SPF 15 that protects against daily UVA and UVB radiation.

Attracting active ingredients to skin and hair poses a fundamental chemistry challenge: Skin and hair are negatively charged, as are the active ingredients in sunscreen. Klen’s formulation removes the oil or wax barriers other products use and replaces them with an electrostatic attraction and a proprietary barrier system. In addition to making the sunscreen effective, this technology also helps to lock in natural moisture, which is considered key in antiaging practices.

Any improvements that help improve consumer use through unique or convenient packaging also help differentiate product and draw attention to it on the retail shelf.