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Stoelzle Masnieres Decoration New Powder Paint Decoration

"The use of powder paint allows us to offer a broad palette of new decorative effects with a very low environmental impact and high mechanical resistance."

[special report] Beauty for All 2017-2018

Demographic realities are reinventing beauty to become more inclusive.

Mibelle AG Biochemistry Makes a Moss Cell Active

Mibelle AG Biochemistry has launched a new ingredient, which helps enable skin to adapt to environmental changes, improves skin moisture, maintains cell nucleus health to ensure youthful skin, strengthens resilience of skin against urban aggressors and more.

Lush Releases Its 11th Vinyl Album in 105 UK Stores

"Often the first reaction from artists is, ‘We don’t want to link up with a soap company’, and then they realize we just want to support their music and give them what they need."

[special report] US Prestige Beauty Sales 2017-2018

Skin care led growth, while makeup continued strong and fragrance experienced growth opportunities.

Clariant Releases Full Year 2017 and Q4 Financials

The supplier saw growth in all segments, and particularly strong sales in the Middle East and Africa, Asia and Europe.

Virospack Launches Dropper with Magnetic Closure

According to Virospack, this is the first dropper on the market with a magnetic closure created for skin care.

Researchers Construct 3-D Bioprinted Skin Pigmentation

Bioprinted skin can now incorporate accurate skin pigmentation patterns, as reported by new research published in Biofabrication.

Avon Announces Q4 and FY 2017 Financial Results

"Our top line remains under pressure as we continue to operate in challenging macro and competitive conditions, particularly in our largest markets. "

Pujolasos Launches New Stendhal Luxury Trends Collection

The collection was inspired by the Stendhal syndrome concept, a disease connected with art that causes a high heart rate, vertigo, confusion, misunderstanding, trembling and palpitations in front a piece of art.

Sun Chemical to Present Bold Pigments at in-cosmetics Global 2018

The supplier will showcase its range of bold and pearlescent pigments at the show, which will be held in Amsterdam April 17-19.

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