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Safic-Alcan Acquires Cosmetics Partner

“The acquisition of the Cosmetics Partner business will enable us to diversify our range of personal care ingredients and to widen our portfolio offering in Poland.”

Puig on Track to Meet Goal of €2 Billion in Revenue in 2017

Puig has announced that during the first quarter of 2017, its revenues grew by 13%.

Inventory Management and Forecasting

You wouldn’t leave heaps of cash in a corner of the garage and write down on a piece of paper every time money was added or subtracted, so why would you do the same with your company’s inventory? If managing inventory was easy, everyone would want to it.

Inter Parfums has Successful Q1 2017

The quarter, which ended March 31, 2017, saw net sales increase by 28.3% to $143.1 million from $111.5 million in the first quarter of 2016.

[slideshow] DuPont Introduces New Technique for Beauty Packaging

According to the company, the effect is achieved directly from the mold and can easily enable fine details, tactile quality and consistency.

The 2017 Best New Product Awards Beauty/Personal Care Winners

The winning products were determined by the votes of over 10,000 North American consumers.

P&G Releases Q3 Fiscal Year 2017 Earnings

“The third quarter macro environment was characterized by a slowdown in market growth, continued geopolitical disruptions and foreign exchange challenges."

Foil Packs a Punch: Metallized Packaging Increases Chance of Purchase

"Foil can significantly boost the chances of luxury chocolate products in a retail store environment – a finding that could greatly impact the future of luxury packaging.”

Alex Perez-Tenessa is Leaving CVS

Perez-Tenessa was a pivotal player in the company’s “Elevate Beauty” concept.

Global Packaging Alliance Holds Annual Meeting in Brazil

“As a resource alliance, the GPA is the ideal platform to exchange state-of-the-art procedures and answers to today’s challenges such as sustainability goals, time-to-market reduction, or industry 4.0 initiatives.”

Bobbi Brown Has a New Gig at Lord & Taylor

"It's the perfect opportunity to share my insight, knowledge and passion with consumers and help revolutionize the way we experience beauty and wellness."

Sephora to Acquire Turkish Cosmetics Company, Tekin Acar

The article also states that Tekin Acar has been facing financial difficulties lately and was wrestling with the challenges that the loss of foreign investments would have on the company.

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