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Canada Lists Microbeads as Toxic; Paves Way to Ban

Canada has officially named microbeads a toxic substance under the Environmental Protection Act as a final order, which will allow the government to ban the plastic micro-particles used in personal care and beauty products.

Amyris and Ginkgo Announce Partnership for Biotech Ingredients

Ginkgo Bioworks and Amyris announced a new partnership where the two will be able to jointly develop products more efficiently and cost effectively.

Conair Keeps 'Em Separated with VariBlend Dual Chamber Dispenser

VariBlend’s 49mm 50-50 dual chamber dispenser has been selected by Conair to power the new Argan Oil 2-in-1 Beauty Balm Styler.

Shiseido Launches Smile-Rating App

A new app gives users a rating on a smile by measuring facial movements.

Estée Lauder Promotes Israel Assa

Israel Assa will join Estée Lauder as the senior vice-president and general manager for business operations and travel retail worldwide on July 1, 2016.

Shampoo Innovation: Why Every Drop Matters

Engineers have developed a coating to make soap pour cleanly out of plastic bottles, down to the last drop.

Givaudan Enters Cosmetics Collaboration with Amyris

Givaudan announces new collaboration expansion with Amyris in the research, development and production areas of active cosmetic ingredients.


Banjara’s Herbals creates a sequel to its #ProudOfMyColor campaign with #BinTheTube and #WinTheTube.

Roark Capital Group Invests in Best Blowout Brand

The Atlanta-based private equity firm announced that there is interest in the innovative brand, Drybar and made investments towards the company.

Are L'Oreal's Bloggers Breaking the Law?

A new analysis of the recently announced L’Oréal League blogger network shows how a simple omission can create significant FTC violations in the United States.

Beiersdorf Nivea Campaign Rides Metro

Nivea Creme Care by Beiersdorf takes over the Paris Metro with its new ad campaign.

An Unreasonable Proposal About Women, Beauty and Advertising

Two new initiatives demand that brands and society get real about women's appearance and the unfair pressures placed upon them and their ambitions.

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