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Lighten Up with Symrise’s Soothing Ingredient

Based on a consumer and scientific trend, Symrise has launched an ingredient to not only brighten skin, but to also soothe it and help keep its natural balance. Skin’s natural defense system is strengthened and dark spots and redness are evaded.

Silab’s Whitonyl Witnesses New Data

Silab’s active helps control melanogenesis and its environment, and the company has come up with new data to prove the ingredient's efficacy. This ingredient can be utilized to enhance complexion radiance, with depigmenting and lightening action.

2018 Global Cosmetic Industry Editorial Calendar: Beautiful Innovation

Topics, editorial and marketing opportunities, and how you can get involved.

Marlies Möller Enlists Corpack to Design Packaging for Luxury Hair Care Line

Corpack strived for an "elegant and puristic" appeal when designing the packaging for Marlies Möller new hair care line "Luxury Golden Caviar."

In Memoriam: David Gittleman

Micro Powders expressed "the enduring imprint" David leaves on the company. He is dearly missed by all.

SC Johnson Boosts Natural Credibility with Method and Ecover

"Method and Ecover have a strong tradition of innovation and delivering on consumers' needs."

Breathe New Life into Old Stock with Product Philanthropy—and Reap the Benefits

Donating unused stock can earn you up to twice the cost of donated items. With the help of a gifts-in-kind organization, all it takes on your end is to load up the stock and ship it off. It’s called ‘product philanthropy’ and it can help minimize your losses from unsold stock.

Valmont Cosmetics Smart Packaging to Provide Customer-Specific Beauty Advice

"Making our cosmetics packaging interactive gives us a way to ensure proper usage, drive re-orders, and build closer ties with our loyal customers."

Coty Names Daniel Ramos Chief Scientific Officer

"He has a strong track record in driving growth through consumer-led innovations and in building organizational capacity and capability."

L'Oréal Publishes Its Human Rights Policy

"As a business and as a responsible corporate citizen, it has a responsibility to identify and address any actual or potential adverse human rights impacts in which the group may be involved [in] through its own operations or business relationships."

The ADF&PCD New York 2017 Innovation Award Winners

The ADF&PCD New York Innovation Awards 2017 categories included personal care, industrial and technical suppliers application, skin care, hair care, makeup and fragrance.

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