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Integrated Packaging and Product Design

Mktg Industry collaborates to create a new sensory experience.

Aptar Packaging for 2 Chic

Company displays its latest innovation.

Azelis Acquires Koda

Global specialty chemical distributor, Azelis Group (Azelis) has recently purchased US-based Koda Distribution Group (KDG) for an undisclosed sum. The transaction will be finalized by the end of 2015.

Aptar Bag on Valve Technology Used in New Curél Spray

Aptar packaging features a Bag On Valve System with Moritz Twist To Lock.

Lancôme Signs Axilone for Shine Lover Lipstick Packaging

Axilone creates a lipstick tube with a metal body and a cap covered with a UV varnish for Lancome's Shine Lover line.

Data Edge: Why Real-time Consumer Insights Matter

Data is the buzzword in business today. While it can feel intangible or confounding, I like to think of data as nothing more than raw information that—when properly analyzed—helps to empower decision-making.

Coty Boosts Digital IQ with Beamly Acquisition

According to the announcement, "The Beamly team will work closely across Coty’s in-house marketing organization to provide enhanced digital marketing campaigns across consumer segments."

Tapping Consumer Instincts for the Holidays

Great seasonal packaging must be more than simply beautiful; it also must offer extra value. Premium packaging for the holiday season can bring strong visibility to brands, which use the opportunity to present different products from a line in a single package.

Packaging and Consumer Connection

Perfume is an affordable luxury that expresses our emotions, a tale of dreams, sensitivity and powerful ambitions. A well-crafted perfume bottle stimulates a festivity of human emotions which can be awakened visually, bringing back old memories, like a summer holiday on an island or a melancholic rainy afternoon in the country, emotions which can be further stimulated and enhanced by the perfume through the sense of smell, giving a lasting impression.

Indie Focus: The Virtues of Perpetual Beta

Gold Label Cosmetics founder Kristen Elise Brown discusses how she harnessed consumer feedback to develop her range of color cosmetics, effectively allowing consumers to "mold the brand."

Cracking the Replenish Code: Right-sizing Cosmetics

According to the entrepreneurs behind Stowaway, conventional cosmetics are sold in portions that are too large to finish, causing consumers to waste or use expired, potentially dangerous products. Now, a new product development and distribution model may solve the problem.

Rethinking Product Development through 2020

How the wage gap, ethics, health and fragmentation will impact consumer behaviors.

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