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The Chapel Strikes Gold with M&H Plastics' Packaging Designs

"It has been a great pleasure working with M&H Plastics to bring our vision for The Chapel product collection to life."

JEEN Launches Alternative Preservatives

JEEN found not one, but two solutions to help meet industry demand for alternative preservatives. The manufacturer launched two ingredients to add into formulas and challenging applications for non-traditional preservation.

Calumet Penreco Agrees to Azelis as New Distributor

The Glenn Corporation and DeWolf Chemical, Azelis Americas companies, have become the new distributor of Calumet Penreco’s hydrocarbon gels, petrolatum and white oils for personal care and cosmetic applications.

An Eye for Radiance

For individuals looking to redesign their eye contour to look more youthful and radiant, GATTEFOSSÉ plans on featuring its latest ingredient to reduce wrinkles at in-cosmetics Global in April 2017.

Coptis Launches Toxicology Database

To give users access to toxicity information for more than 2,000 substances, Coptis designed Coptis Tox. Learn more about it during in-cosmetics in April 2017.

Fun Size Fits All for Lip Balm Packaging

According to TricorBraun, features such as intuitiveness, having a fun factor, trendiness and visual appeal outrank size, ease of opening/closing, cleanliness and portability.

Is Beauty Really Being Disrupted?

Over the last decade the internet and social media have rewritten the transparency rules for brands and retailers, while also removing traditional barriers to entry for startup companies.

If I Had to Do It Over: Defining Your Brand Story

Advice, from experts who’ve been there, on how to craft a brand story that will resonate with the consumer.

Beauty is Her Beat

Inside the hearts and minds of the beauty enthusiast.

ECHA: 168 of 184 Cosmetic Compliance Checks Missing "Important Information"

"Our evaluation report shows that crucial data is still missing for most substances subject to compliance check."

Clariant Expands Portfolio with New Active Ingredients Unit

Priorities of the new unit will be to extend the company’s current portfolio of naturally-sourced products from BioSpectrum and Beraca while concentrating on the advancement of nature-inspired active ingredients.

2016 a 'Healthy' Year for Herbalife

The reported full year 2016 net sales were $4.5 billion which is a 6% increase when compared to 2015. The reported fourth quarter 2016 net sales were $1 billion.

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