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Beauty Under the Influence

Why trust is at the center of the industry's influencer marketing revolution.

INOLEX Introduces Art Knox as VP and Global Head of Personal Care Sales

Arthur “Art” Knox is granted the responsibility of leading INOLEX’s global sales team, developing new business opportunities and creating customized solutions with his new job of vice president and global head of personal care sales.

Antibacterial Soap? You Can Skip It, Says FDA

The FDA is issuing a final rule under which OTC consumer antiseptic wash products containing the majority of the antibacterial active ingredients—including triclosan and triclocarban—will no longer be able to be marketed.

The Body Shop Opens in Chile; Co. Will Collaborate with L'Oréal

Chile is The Body Shop's 66th global market and follows the expansion of Brazil in 2014.

Influencing the Influencers

Sway Group has harnessed 75% of the top beauty bloggers in a bid to increase the effectiveness of influencer marketing.

Tell Me How You Really Feel

Focus groups provide colorful qualitative data that can set up brands for success.

Kao and Shiseido Tackle Animal-alternative Skin Sensitization Test

Skin sensitization is neither simple nor desired, but options to test and prevent it have relied heavily on animal testing—until now, thanks to Japanese cosmetic giants Kao and Shiseido.

Aligning Claims and Brands

What formulators and product development teams need to know about performance and claims testing.

PCA Skin Names Chris Payne as Chief Marketing Officer

Payne will be responsible for leading all marketing and communication initiatives to drive growth of PCA SKIN through both professional and consumer channels.

Heritage Beauty Needs to Go Social

What to do when the old standbys of brand reputation and repeat purchases no longer apply.

Will We Still Be Talking About This in 2026?

Is this what the future looks like?

High Ridge Seeking Out New Acquistions

Daya Talwar will help the company expand its personal care holdings.

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