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Peyer Graphic Opens US Unit

Swiss-based Peyer Graphic AG has opened its own subsidiary in the United States, which will help its customers with speed to market.

Carmex Boosts its Karma with Redesign

Carma Laboratories Inc., the maker of Carmex lip balm, has a new look for the 80-year-old brand.

Shiseido Gets a Digital IQ Boost

Move will enhance product development and customer service, according to the brand.

Beautycounter is No Longer a Startup

Latest appointments point to the company's next growth stage.

Smart Sunscreen Packaging Shows How Long Until You Bake

Imagine smart packaging that tells the consumer when it's time to reapply another glob of sunscreen. Well, it's already on the horizon.

Industry Leaders Introduce First Beauty Science Education Initiative

Judith Price, president of the National Beauty Science Institute, and her board of industry leaders will announce the launch of the educational initiative for Science and Sustainability of Beauty.

Caroline Flack and Cetaphil Shed Some Light on Healthy Skin

Television presenter and skincare provider join forces to share healthy skin secrets and how to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Dickinson Brands Donates Pollinator Gardens for National Planting Day

Dickinson Brands has teamed up with Keep America Beautiful in a national call-to-action to provide 100 Witch Hazel pollinator gardens on the nonprofit organization’s kickoff day.

Formulate for the Hair on Their Chinny, Chin-Chins

Whether they are flavor savers, double chin cover-ups, testosterone indicators or just plain fashionable, beards have specific cleaning and conditioning needs, for which Evonik has developed novel formulas.

Sub-Micron Oil Particles Make the Patent Cut

“This technology represents a way forward ... to incorporate functional actives that are not water-soluble into a consumer-desirable product ... in a safe and effective manner,” reports LEI.

SGD Begins its Next Chapter as Verescence

Now solely focused on perfumery and cosmetics, the global glass manufacturer has unveiled a new identity.

Isostearyl Alcohol Market to Grow 3.2% by 2024

The global market for personal care products and cosmetics is expected to reach 19,594.4 tons in the eight-year forecast period, according to Persistence Market Research.

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