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IMCD Takes on North American Southeast for BASF

Mega chemical maker BASF has appointed IMCD as a regional U.S. distributor for several of its ingredient categories.

Mibelle Turns Up the Heat on Cellulite

That spicy mustard you slather on your Oktoberfest pretzel has new appeal: for slimming benefits. But not by eating it. As Mibelle demonstrates, a new cosmetic active based on mustard sprouts and capsaicin can turn lipids into heat.

Video: How the Applicator Market Makes a Brush With Kindness

As more countries jump on the animal testing "ban wagon," cruelty-free has become an even more important aim for cosmetic brands, including those who make cosmetic applicators and brushes like Taiki.

What the Seventh Generation Deal Means for Unilever

"This addition to Unilever’s product portfolio will help us meet rising demand for high-quality products with a purpose.”

Coty-Zenith Partnership Will Make Brand a "Challenger in Beauty"

The move affects about $1 billion in advertising and promotions pending aimed at critical segments, including fragrance and professional salon products.

Axilone x Make Up Forever Lipstick Tubes are Timeless

Design evokes sobriety and beauty.

LuxePack Launch: Hoffman Neopac Goes Stylo

Hoffman Neopac has launched at Luxe Pack Monaco three brand-new products: Stylo applicators for skin care products, new printable tincaps and digitally printable tins as a promotional secondary packaging

How L'Oréal is Going to Take More Market Share Through 2020

A new analysis shows that scale in key markets is everything, for both emerging and mature consumer bases.

Opacify Gels and Shampoos Naturally

Imerys launched a new natural mineral solution to impart opacity and whiteness to gel and shampoo formulas. ImerCare Opaque serves as an alternative to oil-derived opacifiers.

Video: Bling is Big in Makeup Packaging

Newly launched packaging options with metallic effects are all the rage.

Is Unilever Acquiring Honest Beauty?

Acquisition would boost the global giant's holdings in the natural space.

Spectra Creates Oval Packs to Fit its Flip-Tops

As a result of the success of the company's Oval Flip-Top Closure, the natural progression was to build a range of bottles to go with it

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