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Naturex Launches Angelic Hair Ingredient

Have consumers bring their halos and spread their wings with Naturex's new ingredient, known as Angel's Hair. This active botanical benefits hair in a number of ways and is added into a hair product, which will be showcased at in-cosmetics Global in April 2017.

Botanic Innovations is Calm as a Cucumber

Botanic Innovations is staying calm, cool and collected with its latest ingredient, which has properties to do exactly that. From hair and scalp care to skin care, this ingredient provides various benefits.

Sederma to Fight Aging at in-cosmetics

Get a preview of what Sederma plans to launch at in-cosmetics Global in April 2017. The company's peptide range will receive a new member to fight aging and wrinkles.

Shakeup at Top of Coty Consumer Beauty

"Laurent has lived and worked in many countries around the world, and has an outlook an d attitude that are well aligned to Coty’s new ambition and culture.”

The Dove Real Beauty Pledge: 3 Vows to Women Everywhere

“In 2017, the beauty landscape is wildly different to what it was in 2004 when we launched the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty; however, our commitment to redefining beauty hasn't changed."

Shiseido Has a New Creative Director

"Creative excellence is at the core of consumer communication and is key to building the value of our prestige brands."

24 Finalists Announced for The Cosmopack Wall Award

The six categories include: formula makeup, packaging makeup, technology, design, formula skin care and packaging skin care.

Revlon Sees Net Sales Growth Across All Segments in 2016

"Our strategy to drive long-term growth continues to focus on strengthening our iconic brands, continuing to build distribution in high growth channels, accelerating innovation and enhancing our digital capabilities."

The Chapel Strikes Gold with M&H Plastics' Packaging Designs

"It has been a great pleasure working with M&H Plastics to bring our vision for The Chapel product collection to life."

JEEN Launches Alternative Preservatives

JEEN found not one, but two solutions to help meet industry demand for alternative preservatives. The manufacturer launched two ingredients to add into formulas and challenging applications for non-traditional preservation.

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