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ATRP Solutions Renamed to Pilot Polymer Technologies

“Our name change shows Pilot Chemical’s commitment to growth and innovation in the specialty polymer market. It is great to be part of a company with the leadership, vision and resources to support such an entrepreneurial initiative.”

What Are You Launching at in-cosmetics Global 2018?

Tell us: How are you bringing new innovation to beauty and personal care?

Luxury Brands LLC Acquires FHI Heat

Luxury Brands LLC has acquired FHI Heat—specializing in styling tools, products and accessories—and Michael Dodo is the new company president and CEO.

Qosmedix Launches Spout Pouch

Qosmedix suggests the pouch be used for sampling foundations, lotions, serums or other liquid-based formulations.

Naturex Plans for a ‘Wow-factor’ at Cosmetagora 2018

“[Naturex's] approach at Cosmetagora will be to unlock nature’s beauty secrets and showcase some of the most exciting natural actives available today.”

Shiseido Announces Administrative Changes and Transfer of Personnel

These changes pertain to the organizational reforms and personnel transfers originally announced on October 24 and November 24, 2017.

UPDATE: Claire's Recalls Glitter Cosmetics After Asbestos Allegations

Claire's, a retailer aimed at young girls and teenagers, has recalled several glitter-containing products after allegations surfaced that they contain asbestos.

Making DNA 'Dance': Chemical Oscillators to Choreograph Biological Functions

Chemical oscillation is at the very core of our circadian rhythm. It is also central to a new discovery from the University of Texas at Austin, and holds potential for molecular machines... possibly for advanced personal care.

Lipotec Helps Reduce Eye Puffiness

Lipotec has confirmed the efficacy of one of its ingredients to help improve the under-eye region, minimizing the appearance of fluid and baggy eyes as well as reducing under-eye dark circles and tissue damage.

Finalists for the #beauty20 Awards Have Been Announced

“The #beauty20 Awards are extremely competitive and the quality of the entries this year was very high. I would like to congratulate the people and organizations who have made it this far.”

ICMAD Announces Updates on its Various Locations

ICMAD provides programs and services to cosmetic companies, helping them succeed in the cosmetics and personal care industries and has now announced a couple of updates about its numerous sites across the United States.

Virojanglor Acquires Interesting Sourcing

Virojanglor's consolidated revenues are expected to reach €25 million in 2018.

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