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Silab’s Mighty Microalgae Active

Seeing as the mitochondrion is the only generator of cellular energy, Silab has created an ingredient to help benefit skin in the case of severe or lasting stress, which can be detrimental to skin health.

It Takes Two: Corpack Debuts Twin Pack for Product Duos

According to the company, the pack was designed specifically for products that often come in twos, including shampoo and conditioners, sun and after-sun products or shower gel and lotions.

Finance Your Beauty Brand

How to get money for your dream, spend it wisely and keep from running out.

Boost Your Sampling with Hotel Amenities

How to create a program that builds big brand equity.

Active Micro Technologies and Active Concepts Announce New Hires

The hires include three new members to the sales team in order to help grow business development.

Shiseido Transfers Shares of Irica Technology

Shiseido has been revisiting its business portfolio to better approach its Vision 2020 plan and has decided to transfer Irica Technology's shares.

Firmenich Appoints Bérangère Magarinos-Ruchat as Global Head of Sustainability

Firmenich has announced the appointment of Bérangère Magarinos-Ruchat, M.D. to the role of global head of sustainability. In this new role, she will help reinforce and manage the company's sustainability initiatives.

Perfumania Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, Begins Recapitalization

"This process will allow us to more quickly adapt to the shift in consumer shopping habits by focusing more of our resources on implementing our e-commerce strategy, making Perfumania a stronger and more competitive company.”

Think Like a Shieldmaiden If You Want Your Beauty Startup to Succeed

The sexy side of starting a business usually gets all the glory, but it’s how entrepreneurs react to hardship that makes the difference between beauty success and industry failure. Every new company we start is a battle, and most of us believe we are going to win each and every one.

One Ingredient, Twice the Benefits for Pores and Age Spots

DSM has created a solution to benefit two skin problems at once. The company’s latest skin care ingredient helps eliminate facial pores and age spots simultaneously. Additionally, helps the skin look younger and improves appearance after the age of 30.

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