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Cosphatec Gets a Feel for a Silicone Replacement

Cosphatec has launched a new ingredient to be used as a silicone replacement to be used in cosmetic skin care. Cosphaderm Feel has a number of properties in addition to being sourced from castor oil and being palm oil free.

The Dangers of Mixing Beauty and Politics

While it is important to consumers that beauty brands are vocal about their values, the current political climate is anything but calm. Companies need to be conscious of how they are portraying these brands.

Cosmetics LK Acquires Prolana

The Florida-based retailer will begin carrying the brand famous for its nail-hardening Nail Optimizer.

Rahn’s Three Actives to Fight Blue Light

Rahn has tested three cosmetic actives to help fight the negative impact of blue light irradiation for a healthy, youthful complexion as light from technology causes premature aging.

J&J Releases Q4 and 2017 Financial Results

J&J has announced beauty products such as Neutrogena, Aveeno and Clean & Clear are the drivers of growth for the consumer goods segment, which has increased its sales by 6.3% since 2016.

P&G Announces 2018 Q2 Financials

Driven by skin and personal care, P&G saw an increase in the beauty segment as the organic sector is rising. Brands such as Pantene, Herbal Essences and Olay, among others are impacting this growth.

CPTC Leverages Funding Through EDA for Permanent Facility

After leasing a space for 20 years, the Consumer Product Testing Company now has a permanent facility to call home with the help of Bank of America and the New Jersey Economic Development Authority.

IBR Introduces New Data for IBR-Dormin

IBR has introduced new data for IBR-Dormin with ex vivo and in vivo testing proving the ingredient helps slow the growth of hair, while also smoothing and conditioning the skin for both women and men.

Kobo Products Launches Infrared Blocker

To help skin against infrared radiation, which can cause aging and wrinkles, Kobo Products launched TiO2-IR300-ASG3, which was tested to block infrared with a variety of surface treatments.

Keeping up with KeraGuard

KeraGuard is Mibelle Biochemistry’s latest ingredient, which was proven with ex vivo tests to help protect hair against environmental and chemical stress, while also repairing it to be healthy and shiny.

Schwan-Stabilo Reports Growth in 2016/2017 Fiscal Report

“Fortunately, we’ve managed to maintain the high turnover levels of the previous year in all business areas and every division has managed to maintain their leading position despite difficult conditions.”

Solvay Partners with Henkel for Sustainable Guar Initiative

To help double the number of Indian farmers working part of the Sustainable Guar Initiative, Solvay is collaborating with Henkel and together with TechnoServe, they are increasing the global supply of sustainably-cultivated guar, while also improving living and working conditions.

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