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Oct 09, 2008 | 11:54 AM CDT

Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation

By: Sharon Birkman Fink, Birkman International

As a given, the cosmetics industry understands the demographic differences in its customers and recognizes the importance of understanding demographic drivers of consumer trends. But what about the human capital employed in the cosmetics industry? According to author Sharon Birkman Fink, taking overall characteristics and changes in workforce demographics facilitates training and communication that will make the ongoing generational transition in workplace roles a smooth one.

Oct 09, 2008 | 10:24 AM CDT

Trade Routes: Global Market Warming

By: Michael Wynne

Dealing with the speed in which markets and consumers evolve requires businesses willing to evolve faster through a culture of resilience and innovation.

Oct 07, 2008 | 02:08 PM CDT

Profile: Benton Jordan Weinstock

Direct sales in cosmetics is dominated by Avon and Mary Kay, two companies synonymous with in-home cosmetics shopping. It would seem to be a hard market to crack. Yet, for the creator of Henry Beautiful, it is the market to which she is drawn...

Sep 05, 2008 | 04:18 PM CDT

Professional Spa Skin from Joey New York

Joey Chancis and Arlyne Roer
By: Leslie Benson

GCI magazine’s supplementary September 2008 interview with Joey Chancis, CEO, and her mother, Arlyne Roer, president, Joey New York.

Sep 05, 2008 | 04:15 PM CDT

Elizabeth Roche’s New Jersey Medi-Spa Celebrates First Year

Dr. Elizabeth Roche
By: Leslie Benson

A lack of regulated U.S. standardized licensing exams and an overabundance of spa treatments for home use raise questions in the mind of Dr. Elizabeth Roche, founder and owner of Elizabeth Roche, M.D. Med Spa. Her spa, now celebrating its one-year anniversary, relies on a sterile clinical atmosphere for treatments. Roche spoke with GCI magazine about her business philosophies and professional perspectives in the September 2008 issue of the magazine.

Sep 05, 2008 | 03:23 PM CDT

Supply Chain: Finding Safe Harbor in the World’s Ports

By: Simon Kaye

Combining an effective freight forwarder with efficient shipping terms is increasingly key to effectively importing, exporting and conducting business globally.

Sep 05, 2008 | 03:19 PM CDT

Trade Routes: Navigating International Business

By: Michael Wynne

As part of her effort to expand her business’ international sales, Jeri Ross received coaching and support from GCI magazine’s Trade Routes columnist. She shares lessons learned, perspective gained and offers tips to help others gain a level of confidence to move forward into international business.

Sep 05, 2008 | 03:07 PM CDT

Achieving a Premium Price During A Recession

By: George Spilka

Economic conditions should not be a deterrent to selling your company when personal and corporate objectives dictate that a sale is warranted.

Sep 05, 2008 | 02:44 PM CDT

Artisan Perfumes for Form and Function

Laurice Rahmé
By: Leslie Benson

Profile of Laurice Rahmé, CEO and founder of Bond No. 9.

Sep 05, 2008 | 12:05 PM CDT

Trade Routes: Value Innovation

By: Michael Wynne

Today’s cosmetics consumers are skeptical about advertising messages, and although brand names are important, they no longer are enough to sway consumers who expect greater value at lower cost.