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In My Opinion: Sustainability—the Ultimate Win-Win

By: Michael Overstreet
Posted: June 5, 2007

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As a savvy negotiator might suggest, the best business deals are generally consummated with a win-win mindset. The sustainability initiative can be described as the ultimate win-win initiative. As human beings, we all share one thing in common, regardless of our education, background or nationality—we all share just one Earth. While I am not about to begin a tirade on global warming or its political ramifications, I do wish to point out that each and every person who shares this earth potentially contributes to or detracts from our world’s future. Looking to find common denominators, we can easily relate to the human characteristics of mind, body and spirit, attributes targeted by the beauty industry each and every day. We can embrace those shared characteristics to achieve a win-win scenario for the planet.

It is time that we all step up and, as we consume and create consumers, take the proper responsibility before we are consumed by the perfect environmental storm.

Sustainability is here to stay, and we, as an industry, must look to contribute in such a way as to make a positive environmental impact while still addressing the needs of consumers worldwide. Let’s start today and make a change. God’s currency is running close to bankruptcy.
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