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Packaging’s Role in Delivering Brand Promise

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: February 5, 2009, from the January 2009 issue of GCI Magazine.
Thomas Jonas

Thomas Jonas, president, MWV Personal & Beauty Care, joins the discussion on the evolution and impact of airless packaging on consumer perception—a conversation that began in the January 2009 issue.

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MWV Calmar has increasingly focused on continuing to reduce the number of parts and materials while enabling greater design flexibility. Take for example our rolling bellow technology, which is a metal-free, 100% thermal plastic component that replaces six other parts. This allows us to have a true non-venting airless dispenser that has [very few components] and can support high viscosity formulas, which are growing among CPGs.

An innovative dispensing system can re-invent a product and open an entirely new market to customers, and airless dispensing is definitely one of those systems that has had a game-changing effect. As mentioned above, MWV developed a new approach to support thicker formulas, and these innovative sprayers are part of our high viscosity product pump and sprayer line.

There has been a push to make formulations more “pure”—i.e. fewer or no preservatives, zero waste of formula, metal-free. MWV developed its PurePath technologyso that no metal is in the fluid path and the marketers’ products can be reformulated to deliver greater purity.

GCI: Are there limitations in what kind of formulas or product types can be dispensed with airless packaging? What are the material considerations?

Any market that can benefit from preserving the integrity of their product, and dispensing it through controlled and convenient dosage is a candidate for airless dispensing. MWV offers state-of-the-art laboratory and testing facilities that can help brand owners optimize their formulations to work with our range of products and deliver the needed consumer experience.