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The Glamorous Side of Mud

By: Denise Herich and Jennifer Stansbury
Posted: August 26, 2014, from the September 2014 issue of GCI Magazine.
  • Glamglow is one of the beauty industry’s latest success stories, as retail buyers and consumers alike are fawning over the brand’s mud masks and skin care products.
  • For Glamglow, the focus is on youthful, sexy, radiant skin, and it works all the angles—marketing, packaging, testing and beyond—to ensure consumers associate the brand with these attributes.
  • Consumer product testing has been a big part of Glamglow’s success, helping the brand to both gain new fans from the panelists and to attract wider attention with the stunning claims and results it can boast as a result of these testing panels.
  • You know a beauty brand has reached an unprecedented level of cool when they’ve successfully trademarked the phrase “Stay Sexy.”

Glamglow absolutely oozes confidence; with all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. And it should. The three-year-old volcanic mud mask maker is one of the beauty industry’s hottest skin care companies. It started as a homemade mud mask, carefully bottled by co-CEOs Glenn and Shannon Dellimore in their living room for Hollywood friends looking to find a nonsurgical product that would make their skin look camera-ready in just 10 minutes. Now Glamglow products have become the must-haves of the celebrity set. But the celeb market is not the only market the brand dominates.

Like a Movie

Glamglow’s skyrocketing success story almost reads like a Hollywood script. In 2011, it had retail sales of $3.2 million with just one SKU. One year later, the company realized nearly 550% growth and boasted revenues of $17.5 million, still with only one SKU. In 2013, only two years since the founding of the company and with only two more SKUs, retail sales reached a staggering $106.9 million.

Glamglow products are now sold in 86 countries through 6,500 retail outlets and salons, and beyond the products selling well, the brand is building loyalists out of savvy, sexy consumers obsessed with skin care—the ones who are eager to spend $69 for the products. But the love does not stop there—the industry seems to adore the brand, as well. In less than three years, Glamglow has collected 16 global beauty awards, having recently been awarded the CEW Indie Beauty Award, as well as being named winner of the “Best Mask in the World” by 44 of the global editions of Elle magazine in 2014, and has been named a beauty award winner by Good Housekeeping (2014), Teen Vogue (2014), Cosmopolitan (2014), Marie Clare (2013) and Neiman Marcus.

This article explores two important aspects of Glamglow’s success—its marketing strategy and its ability to connect to and draw in its target consumers. Glamglow’s marketing strategy includes direct, bold, in-your-face messaging backed by wildly enthusiastic consumer claims garnered through product testing. And in addition to marketable product efficacy and experiential results/claims, this testing creates Glamglow evangelists for life.

Sexy, Consistent Messaging