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G2G Marketing is Winning Her Over

By: Alisa Marie Beyer
Posted: August 26, 2008, from the October 2007 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Women are just as enthusiastic about gathering to discuss beauty products as the socially responsible corporations that make them. A recent YouTube search listed 54 individual Avon “Walk for the Cure” videos, where women chronicled their walk adventures for others to see. Many proud and teary moments proclaiming “we made it!” at the finish line make for lasting and positive impressions of that beauty brand and its cause.

Dove has also successfully tapped into the creative, philanthropic and emotional minds of women with its Campaign for Real Beauty. The company’s Web site includes numerous G2G communications tools—including an open (and not company-directed) blog, a place for women to upload and share essays and stories relative to beauty and the campaign, and a place for women to donate to the Dove Self- Esteem Fund as a way to help younger women with their feelings about beauty issues.

Make it Personal—G2G Events that Work

In addition to using every aspect of the Internet to help women to meet and discuss beauty issues with others, successful beauty marketers are also creating and promoting in-person events that turn a regular retail experience into a social event among girlfriends.

The G2G experience needn’t be quite so elaborate—it just needs to get women talking about the brand and feeling a part of the social beauty fabric. Many ideas that work are simple, such as incorporating a beauty “club” for your brand where women can continue to talk to each other about the products and receive more personalized marketing messages at the same time. Olay is one example of a club that works for this purpose online.

Similarly, luxury apothecaries and spas often have clublike status for frequent patrons, who are invited to events where they can meet and mingle for exclusive on-site parties, sessions with renowned makeup artists or intimate settings for group spa services.