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The Council Calls for Greater FDA Personal Care Regulation

Posted: July 16, 2010

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New FDA Ingredient Review Process
Once a request has been made, or the FDA unilaterally determines action is warranted, the agency would be required to review the safety of any ingredient intended for use in a personal care product and set safety use levels for such ingredient on a specified timetable.

New FDA Oversight of CIR Findings
The FDA would be required to review current and future findings on the safety of cosmetic ingredients by the CIR Expert Panel and determine if these findings are correct. If there are instances in which it determines a CIR finding is not correct, the FDA would determine by guidance or regulations if, or under what conditions, the ingredient can be used safely in personal care products.

FDA-Issued Good Manufacturing Practices
The FDA would establish industry-wide Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) requirements.

According to the Council, the initiative is being enacted in the absence of any specific public health risk or legislative mandate. The Council maintains that personal care products are safe; however, it is seeking better collaboration between the cosmetic industry and federal regulators.

"We believe it is time to develop a more contemporary approach that includes a greater federal regulatory role. In fact, for the past 30 years, we have aggressively implemented numerous safety initiatives and processes to strengthen industry safety practices. Our consumers deserve multiple layers of protection and transparency,” said Lezlee Westine, the Council’s president and chief executive officer, in a group press release.