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Everything Old is News Again

By: Nancy McDonald and Salvador Pliego
Posted: June 5, 2009, from the June 2009 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Remember, the classics are classics because they are proven to be effective. Proteins, vitamins, hydroxy acids, shea butter, glycerin, urea and allantoin ... they’re all on that list. Perhaps they’re not as arresting as the flashy newcomers, but form has to take a second place to function in both marketing and science.

Nancy: Through this discussion and considering it through a marketing perspective, it’s clear that some of these very basic ingredients are now being dressed up in 21st century clothing. Like vitamins and their sources, which do certainly sound like old-speak, but re-dress them in a new vernacular such as antioxidants and pomegranate, and you have added the intriguing and contemporary spark.

Salvador: But consider, too, there are some very interesting new technologies out there that can definitely impact the beauty industry. Plant stem cells have been shown to improve skin’s self-maintenance and stimulate the stem cell activity of the epidermal stem cells, thereby increasing their life expectancy. Is this not new and intriguing?

Exciting new ingredients are in the pipeline. I know about DNA/gene technologies wherein you get a generated genetic profile describing an individual’s susceptibility to oxidative stress. This can, in turn, be used as a guide in choosing appropriate preventive or restorative antiaging therapies, and a finished product is tailored according to the individual results.Sexy and intriguing? Very.

At the same time, I have to mention the classic and mighty petrolatum.