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Merck, German University Opening Research Facility

Posted: January 31, 2006
Merck KGaA and the Technical University of Darmstadt have signed an agreement to establish a jointly operated research laboratory. Over the next five years, Merck and the TU Darmstadt will research novel inorganic composite materials that could be suitable for use as printable components in high-performance electronic applications. The initial area of focus has already been identified: printable radio frequency chips based on inorganic materials used in RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology are to be developed to series production.

Merck is investing approximately €1 million in the establishment of the laboratory. The operating costs (approximately €1 million per annum) will be shared equally by Merck and the university, which will be contributing in the form of personnel and material. Merck will file for patents on and market the discoveries and inventions resulting from the cooperation. Both partners will be entitled to proceeds generated by the cooperation.

“The alliance with the TU Darmstadt in high-tech applications of RFID chips is another strong example of how the Chemicals business of Merck is developing new products for future market requirements through intelligent alliances with competent partners,” said Michael Roemer, chairman of the executive board, Merck KGaA.