Recent Issues

  • November 2014
  • How Research Helps Brands Sell More, Trends from Emerging Markets, New Skin Brightening Ingredients, The Power of Product Sampling, 2014 Beauty Packaging Identity Trends
  • October 2014
  • Creating a Social Shopping Situation, Legitimizing Claims, Total Evacuation, Samples Are Still the New Black, The Balancing Truth
  • September 2014
  • State of the Industry, Beauty Tech: Devices and Data Mark What’s Next, Tuning Strategy to an Evolving Landscape, Getting More from Multifunctional Ingredients, Beyond Product Packaging
  • July 2014
  • Green Claims That Mean Something, The Different Faces of Natural, Advocacy in Loyalty, Crossing Beauty Categories
  • June 2014
  • Renewed Boost for Hair Care, Beauty Online, Ingredients for Different Age Demographics, Color in Beauty Packaging
  • May 2014
  • Emerging Market Conditions, Fragrance Trends, Scouting New Ingredients, Packaging Innovations

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2008 Issues

December 2008

New Dawn for Sun Care

What Do Ethical and Sustainable Mean?

Ethnic Cosmetics Fit New Beauty Paradigm (Color Cosmetics Supplement)

November 2008

BRIC: Promises and Caveats

Launching a Successful Rebrand

Pet Care Pedigree

October 2008 GCI Cover

October 2008

Bath & Body: Growing Beyond Basics

Beauty Editors Speak Out

The Value of Green Processing

September 2008

Indian Men Seek Male-specific Skin Care

Fragrance Safety and Regulation

Fragrance Business 2008: Supplement

August 2008

Global Baby Care: Small but Mighty

Vinotherapy: Wine Gets Personal

Developing Consumer Studies

July 2008 GCI Cover

July 2008


June 2008 GCI Cover

June 2008

Spas Get Serious: Wellness

Fanning the Flames: Supplier Innovation

Outsourcing Supplement

May 2008 GCI Cover

May 2008

Hair Care: A Push/Pull Market

Hair Care Ingredients Nourish and Support

Fragrance Business 2008 Preview

April 2008 GCI Cover

April 2008

Derm Devices: Taking Antiaging in Hand

Skin Care: High Performance, Good Business

Market Potential of Cosmeceuticals

March 2008 GCI Cover

March 2008

Chicago Emerges as Brand Hub

Putting Color in Cosmetics Sales

Branding Nature - Special Section

February 2008 GCI Cover

February 2008

Fragrance Market Booms

Trends Spur Nutricosmetics

Import/Export Rules Grow

January 2008 GCI Cover

January 2008

The Realities of Washroom Economics

Australia's Beauty Initiative

Labeling Cosmetics and Drugs

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