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Sep 28, 2016 | 03:50 PM CDT

How Beauty Brands Are Growing in China

It's all about market penetration and premiumization.

Sep 28, 2016 | 03:28 PM CDT

How Social Selling Works

Eighty-five percent of social selling customers are repeat buyers and many of them are millennials.

Sep 28, 2016 | 03:00 PM CDT

Into the Mist

Intelligent Skin Sense has introduced its mobile format Saturation antioxidant mist that counteracts the effects of pollution and keeps skin supple, refreshed and moist.

Sep 28, 2016 | 02:44 PM CDT

Lips Like Velvet

The products are formulated for fluid application for effortless coverage, nourished lips and intense color.

Sep 28, 2016 | 01:30 PM CDT

Can Hair Follicles Be Printed?

A new partnership between L'Oréal and Poietis is giving it a shot.

Sep 28, 2016 | 01:04 PM CDT

Bare Escentuals Gets a New CMO

Poccia will play a crucial role in defining and leading all aspects of the bareMinerals brand and products on a global basis.

Sep 28, 2016 | 12:57 PM CDT

P&G Has Modified Its Stock Swap in Coty Transfer

Each share of Galleria Co. common stock will be converted into the right to receive one share of Coty class A common stock upon completion of the merger.

Sep 27, 2016 | 04:21 PM CDT

Amazon Has Expanded Its Beauty Search Dominance

More than half of consumers turn to the retailer first.

Sep 27, 2016 | 04:17 PM CDT

Study Uncovers Genetic Predispositions to Skin Cancer

By: Rachel Grabenhofer

Basal cell carcinoma is the most common cancer worldwide, with an annual incidence of 2.8 million cases in the United States alone. A recent study found 31 genetic markers for the disease, 14 of which were identified for the first time.

Sep 27, 2016 | 03:55 PM CDT

What Women Really Think About Natural Beauty

"[N]early 15% of women who shop for beauty aids in mass market drugstores, specialty drug or grocery stores, or department stores are unsatisfied by the selection of all-natural products."