Recent Issues

  • July 2015
  • Amazonian Cosmetic and Fragrance Ingredients, Sustainable Packaging and Ingredient Innovations, Building Success in the Spa/Salon Channel, How to Reach Latinas, Global Skin Care Market Trends
  • June 2015
  • Mass and Efficacy in Hair Care, Natural Ingredient Innovation, Wearable Tech, Secondary Packaging Strategies, The End of "Innovation"?
  • May 2015
  • Why Innovative Packaging Matters, The Power of Focus Groups, Questions to Ask Before Developing a Product, Sustainable Ingredients, Emerging Market Challenges & Mature Market Growth
  • April 2015
  • Storm Clouds Gather Over Sun Care, The Feel of It: Packaging With Sensory Clues, Millennials and Brands, What's the StoryScore?, It's All About Moisturization: Consumer Insights Through Social Media
  • March 2015
  • How to Successfully Structure Your Marketing Foundation, Beyond the Launch: Three Ways that Beauty Product Testing Breathes, New Life into Mature SKUs, Form, Function or Fun?, As the Modern Male Consumer Evolves, So Must His Packaging
  • February 2015
  • The F-Word of Color Cosmetics: Functionality, The Color Essentials, Spring/Summer 2015 Color Trends, Branding and Rebranding, Fun, Flirty, Functional: Trends in Color Cosmetic Packaging

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2014 Issues

November 2014

How Research Helps Brands Sell More

Trends from Emerging Markets

New Skin Brightening Ingredients

The Power of Product Sampling

2014 Beauty Packaging Identity Trends

October 2014

Creating a Social Shopping Situation

Legitimizing Claims

Total Evacuation

Samples Are Still the New Black

The Balancing Truth

September 2014

State of the Industry

Beauty Tech: Devices and Data Mark What’s Next

Tuning Strategy to an Evolving Landscape

Getting More from Multifunctional Ingredients

Beyond Product Packaging

GCI magazine July/August 2014 issue

July 2014

Green Claims That Mean Something

The Different Faces of Natural

Advocacy in Loyalty

Crossing Beauty Categories

GCI magazine June 2014 issue

June 2014

Renewed Boost for Hair Care

Beauty Online

Ingredients for Different Age Demographics

Color in Beauty Packaging

GCI magazine May 2014 issue

May 2014

Emerging Market Conditions

Fragrance Trends

Scouting New Ingredients

Packaging Innovations

GCI magazine April 2014 issue

April 2014

Opportunities for Sun Care

Total Sensory Package

Sunscreens for Today

Retail Display Power

GCI magazine March 2014 issue

March 2014

Integrating Packaging and Ingredients

Seven Deadly Sins of Brand Storytelling

Targeted Design

Highlighting Ingredients in Products

GCI magazine January/February 2014 issue

January 2014

Transformation in Color

Personalization in Color Cosmetics

The Nail Polish Effect

Intricacies and Innovation in Color Cosmetic Packaging

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