June 2014

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Other Articles

Shaggy to Chic

Jeff Falk

Emotional Branding—Can You Feel It?

Rick Ruffalo

Coastal Salt & Soul: A Return to My Roots

Alisa Marie Beyer

Beauty Online: Content First, Technology Second

Sheri L. Koetting

Marketing Moves for Age Demographics

Sourabh Sharma and Scott Garrison

For the Ages: Ingredients Targeted to Different Generations

Abby Penning

The Three Lines of Skin Defense

Sabine Malley, Cliff Milow, Evan Murphy, Kristen Presti, Katherine Spetrino and Zsolt Szabados

New Dos Give Hair Care a Renewed Boost

By Oru Mohiuddin, Euromonitor International

The Importance of Color in Beauty Packaging

Lisa Doyle

Packaging and Product Aesthetics

Curt Altmann