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Breathe In Cedar Wood, Breathe Out Stress

Aside from physical activity such as yoga and other meditation methods to reduce stress, a study researched Japanese cedar wood oil to find positive benefits associated with mental health in people at the workplace.

Hello, Zirh

Body Bar - Vitamin Edition by Zirh helps cleanse and moisturize the skin with a blend of vitamins and extracts.

Kao Corporation Launches SOFINA iP in Taiwan, Hong Kong

Koa Corporation's SOFINA iP brand will relaunch in Taiwan and Hong Kong beginning March 2017.

UPDATED: MiLi Offers Fast, Easy, Connected Skin Care Technology

“Technology is continuing to change how consumers go about their beauty routines, and smart devices have a huge potential to impact how we care for our skin."

L’Oréal Gets Eyelashes Fluttering in New 'Original' Mascara Campaign

"With this campaign, we want to encourage everyone to embrace their originality, take chances and make a statement, whether they have used Voluminous Mascara for years or are discovering it for the first time."

Clean Chamomile Mousse Cleanser

The Intral Air Mousse Cleanser with Chamomile clears the skin of impurities while leaving a soft healthy glow behind.

Skin and Hair Care Pure Enough to Eat

Creating hair and skin care products that are clean enough to eat, Gaffer&Child have created a multitude of products using ingredients that are both ecologically and environmentally friendly.

Run Wild with Rosy Lips

The Tinted Lip Treatment is available in three natural shades that protect the sensitive skin of the lips from environmental damage.

Say Oui to Shaving Scrubs

The Blood Orange Himalayan Salt Body Scrub, Neroli Santal or Lavan Shave Oils and Himalayan Sea Salt & Lavender After Shave Toner help exfoliate, hydrate and prevent skin irritation.

Wet Brush Introduces Three New Brushes

Wet Brush announces the TxturePRO collection, which includes the Extension Brush, Wave Comb and Detangler.

Craveable Carnival Cotton Candy Colors

Have a taste of colorful cotton candy on the eyes with six high-pigmented liquid eyeliners that deliver rich, bright colors.

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