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Arylessence Report Defines 10 "Deep Trends"

Posted: April 21, 2009

Arylessence, Inc. has released the ninth edition of Arylessence TrendWatch, the company's report on trends that define U.S. consumer lifestyles, attitudes and buying habits.The 60-page report describes 10 "deep trends" that reveal how U.S. consumers are shaping their lives, what is important to them and their families, and how they make buying decisions today. The report also predicts fragrance and flavor ideas that will inspire consumers in 2010 and identifies hot colors for product design, packaging, and home decor.

"The trends paint a vivid picture of American consumers, who are guided by powerful ideas and influences in their lives," said Steve Tanner, president, Arylessence. "Not only are these influences real and enduring, but each is a stimulating resource for creative thinking in fragrance, flavor and new product design."

Key trends in the report include Value-Plus, which reflects consumer interest in products that offer multiple benefits and exceptional value; Tailor Made, describing a growing trend for highly personalized and individualized products; and Experiential Bliss, about the consumer's desire for rewarding personal experiences through multiple touch points. Other Arylessence trends include Be(cause) You Care, highlighting social responsibility, ethical-consumerism and fair trade practices, and Social 'Security', about the importance of strong social networks of family, friends and co-workers.

While shifts in consumer lifestyles and behavior are noted by Arylessence researchers, all trends are reassuringly enduring.

"Even in challenging times, consumers still know their tastes and preferences," said Lori Miller Burns, director of marketing, Arylessence. "For most of us, 'green' and sustainable living will always be important, so will corporate honesty and transparency, and we prefer products that are good for us and our families. But we also live in a world that's filled with exotic tastes and flavors, and now more than ever, U.S. consumers are globally focused. People are excited about foods, spices and fragrance from places as diverse as India, Indonesia, China and Brazil."