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Sniffing Out Trends

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: September 5, 2007
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For a glossary of terms used in Arylessence’s TrendWatch, click: Language of TrendWatch: Fragrance Terms

Arylessence’s tagline, “the essence of your brand,” intimates the power and role of fragrance in branding, and the Atlanta-based fragrance and flavor manufacturer operates under a mission banner to understand both its clients’ brands and the consumers who use them. Fragrance can act as a bond between a brand and its consumers, creating a lifeline for the brand that runs through the initial attraction to become a mainstay in a consumer’s life. Arylessence believes that designing custom fragrances contributes to both defining brands and creating product loyalty; initially, however, consumers, their lifestyles and overall lifestyle trends must be understood.

Toward this goal of understanding, the company looks beyond fragrances themselves to track trends in fashion and color, culinary arts, packaging, delivery systems, innovative formulations and consumer purchasing habits.

According to Arylessence’s sensory branding team, consumers choose fragrances that fit their lifestyles, as opposed to choosing a product simply because “it smells good.” The lifestyle-fragrance connection is explored in the 2007-2008 Arylessence TrendWatch—an annual analysis of trends that are driving consumer behavior in lifestyle, attitudes, color and fragrance.