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Brazil—Melting Pot of Creation and Innovation

By: Marguerite La Corte
Posted: June 3, 2010, from the June 2010 issue of GCI Magazine.

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However, there are many magnificent fruits and produce that can be easily applicable to current brands’ line extensions. Produce that most of us know and love—and that have their roots or long heritage in Brazil—are part of an everyday nutritious diet and include maracujá (passion fruit), mango and castanha do pará (brazil nut).

Fragrances stemming from the essential oils of these can be calming or invigorating, and the ancient local homemade remedies using passion fruit, mango and brazil nuts topically as moisturizers provide suppleness and hydration to skin.

Here are some of my favorite Brazilian products using on-trend ingredients in their natural form.

Maracujá (Passion Fruit)

Ducha, a brand with free-standing shops throughout Brazil, was created due to a void in the market for unique bath products. The highly fragranced bath bar is not only temptingly delicious with maracujá essential oil, its curved design also acts as a massager. Maracujá is recognized for being rich in vitamin C and complex B (B2 and B5). Natura’s Ekos Maracujá shampoo is available in a formula enriched with oil and/or extract from the passion fruit for silky hair.